Course Curriculum

Money Move 1: Financial goal setting

  • What's your why?
  • S.M.A.R.T Financial goals
  • Why you need an emergency fund
  • Creating your financial goals
  • What do you value?
  • I will feel successful with money if ...

Money Move 2: Aligning your money with your values

  • The true cost of everything
  • Categorizing your spending
  • Where to find your expenses
  • How to read your pay stub
  • Your hourly take-home pay
  • Tracking your spending
  • Reviewing your results

Money Move 3: Calculating your net worth

  • How to calculate your net worth
  • The 7 types of debt
  • How to read your loan statements
  • Tallying up your debt
  • Adding your assets
  • Entering your assets
  • Calculating your current net worth

Money Move 4: Custom debt-free plan

  • The snowball & avalanche method to debt repayment
  • Receive your customized debt free plan

Money Move 5: Saving for retirement

  • Why you need to save for retirement
  • How much income do you need in retirement?
  • How much do you need saved by retirement?
  • How to ensure you don't outlive your money
  • Defined benefit pensions
  • Defined contribution retirement plans
  • How much you need to save each month to fund the retirement you deserve.
  • Investing your retirement nest egg

Money Move 6: Creating a budget that locks in your goals

  • Why you need a budget
  • Creating a budget that locks in your goals
  • Put it on automatic

Money Move 7: Tilting the numbers in your favor

  • The two levers of personal finance
  • Pulling the income lever
  • Pulling the saving lever
  • Mo money mo budget
  • Turing your biggest expenses in life into cash flow
  • Budget revisited
  • If all else fails....

Who Should Take This Course?

Those who don't know where to start. If you don't know the first thing about managing money, this course is for you.

People of all income ranges. Whether you make six-figures or not we all have what it takes to achieve our financial goals.

Anyone who is ready to do whatever it takes. If you are sick and tired of the current state of your finances and you are ready and committed to making a positive change, this course is for you.

Who Should NOT Take This Course?

Anyone who is looking to "get rich quick".We ALL have the capacity to achieve financial independence. However, it is a slow process. Don't trust those who offer "easy" solutions. Personal finance is about habits and math, there is no magic solutions.

Those who aren't committed to making a change.'If you are not at the point where you are willing and ready to commit to completely transforming your relationship with money, you may not be ready for this course.

What do you get?

  • After taking this course you will know exactly how much you need to pay on each loan to become debt free in the timeframe you want.
  • You will know exactly how much you need to be saving for retirement.
  • You will have more money for the things you truly value in life.
  • Weekly office hours to have all of your questions answered.
  • Normally, I would sell this course for $400, (similar courses sell for $500-$2,000), but since this is the beta version, you can access it for only $150!
  • I am offering it to you for over 60% off. All I ask is for real, honest feedback.

Hi, I’m Ben

I became obsessed with personal finance when I graduated with $50,000 in debt in the height of the financial crisis in 2009-2010.

I never wanted to worry about living a life without money again. I spent 2013-2015 continuing to live like a student, which allowed me to pay off my $50,000 debts and begin building retirement savings.

I met my wife in 2014. We bought our first house in 2016 that we live in today and our second house in 2017 which we rent out.

Today my wife and I are debt free (except the mortgage) and increase our savings rate each year as we pursue our goal of Financial Independence.

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This is the beta version of the 7-Life Changing Money Moves. I am honoured that you will join us during the "pre launch". Since this is a beta version of the course, I want to reward you by offering you a steep discount. The course when launched will sell for $400. We are happy to provide a nearly 65% discount to you to think you for supporting us along this journey.